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Inspiring young people through sport

We truly believe that sport has the power to change lives and create amazing opportunities for young people throughout the UK. To help more young people in the UK become involved with sport, we created Coach Core, an apprenticeship scheme aimed to inspire 16-24 year olds to take on ambitious new qualifications to become the next generation of sports coaches or to go into further education and employment. The apprenticeship not only inspires 16-24-year olds through sport, but also create a truly meaningful education programmes that allow those that need the opportunity the most to improve their future career pathways.

A growing programme

The Coach Core apprenticeship scheme has been growing steadily in the UK, with 10 cities currently up and running. We were grateful to be granted additional funding from Sport England which will allow us to expand to 10 new cities and with the help of other UK investors, we will reach an estimated 23 sites in the next three years.

The future of sports

Coach Core is training hundreds of young people across the UK, connecting apprentices with the biggest sports clubs in the country, providing unrivalled tuition, paying them a wage, and setting them up for an exciting future.

We want to train our apprentices to give them the best education and experiences that will allow them to progress in life, but we also want them developing personally, as well as professionally. We help them to understand that planning, resilience and self-motivation are the key to their success. We do this by providing a number of training workshops, experiences in many sporting industry areas, not just coaching, as well as having key personnel attached to the programme to help support and develop them throughout

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