Mental Health

Mental Health Innovations

A new approach to mental health

On World Mental Health Day in 2017, The Royal Foundation announced it had granted £2 million to establish Mental Health Innovations – a mental health charity, developing new ways to help people talk about mental health using digital innovation, data-driven analysis and the experience of mental health experts.

People need help building the confidence to talk about how they’re feeling, and digital innovation is required to help these conversations happen – wherever that person is, and whenever they need it.

Royal Foundation

Support to those in need

The tides are turning and people are starting to feel more comfortable talking about their mental health, but better tools are needed to help people start a conversation wherever they are, and whenever they need to talk.

The Royal Foundation is investing in the next generation of digital technology to improve mental health. The first digital programme being developed by Mental Health Innovations is currently being piloted in the UK, and will be launching later this year.