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In partnership with The Ministry of Defence

This programme is led by The Duke of Sussex, and was launched when HRH was a patron of The Royal Foundation. The programmes started when they were patrons of The Royal Foundation. More details on their charitable activities will be coming in the future.

On World Mental Health Day, in October 2017, The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex launched a partnership with The Ministry of Defence. The partnership was formed following the Heads Together campaign to change the national conversation on mental health.

Royal Foundation

Working in partnership

Driven by The Duke of Sussex, this collaboration with the Ministry of Defence will see the development and subsequent implementation of training resources to promote the good management of good mental health across the Defence community.

Supporting existing programmes, this work will provide a simple introduction with progressive learning packages concentrating on techniques that have been known and implemented across the world of sports-science for decades. Building upon the idea that if we are aware and proactive about our mental health and create healthy habits, we can live happier and more productive lives.

“Today, we are saying that taking mental health seriously is what professional and dedicated service men and women must do to be above the rest and leading from the front.”

The Duke of Sussex