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Many species are being pushed towards extinction

The poaching, trafficking and illegal trading of wildlife, including plants and animals is a global crisis and the impact of poaching goes beyond the threat posed to wildlife, with rangers and local communities also being affected.

Protecting animals against poaching involves working with the people on the front line of conservation; the rangers and communities living and working alongside the world’s species. Protecting species where they live helps stop poaching before it happens.

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Supporting rangers

Our efforts to support on-site protection include providing rangers with access to training to develop and strengthen their skills, creating projects focused on local communities, and much more. With projects in Southern and Eastern Africa, as well as in India, we have supported training for over 100 rangers and protected-area managers.

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Connecting technology with conservation

We support the development and testing of technology to help with conservation challenges around the world. This can involve anything from camera traps, GPS and alarm systems to DNA testing. is an online community that was created as a way to share information, ideas, tools and resources for technology-enabled solutions to conservation challenges. This community is helping to crowd source ideas while also providing a place for skill-sharing and networking.

“This crisis is not just about animals – this crisis is also about people. It is some of the world’s poorest people who will suffer when their natural resources are stripped from them illegally and brutally. It is families in the world’s most vulnerable regions who suffer when two rangers are killed every week on the frontline of this fight.”

The Duke of Cambridge

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