Community cohesion

This programme is led by The Duke of Sussex, and was launched when HRH was a patron of The Royal Foundation. The programmes started when they were patrons of The Royal Foundation. More details on their charitable activities will be coming in the future.

The Royal Foundation has supported the early development of a new club for those members of the armed forces who were seriously wounded in combat during conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Inspired by The Guinea Pig Club, these men and women will follow in their fore-bearer’s example by maintaining a close knit community through a lifetime of cohesion. In which time they will assist in the advancement of medical science and help others experiencing traumatic injury.

Last year, The CASEVAC Club raised thousands of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as connecting with a group of patients injured during the bombing of the MEN Arena in 2017 to share experiences of living with trauma and blast injury. The CASEVAC Club have partnered with the Scar Free Foundation, and supported the establishment of The Centre For Conflict Wound Research in Birmingham. The Club will practically support studies conducted through the centre in the hope to advance medical science and treatments for all.

“Today’s CASEVAC Club will help us once again recognise the success and most importantly, the pertinence of the Guinea Pig Club – far beyond the lives of its original members – and continue to build on a vital legacy that continues to benefit many generations to come.”
The Duke of Sussex.