Young People

Improving opportunities

Britain’s young people are inspiring, caring, intelligent, and creative with the capacity to do great things for themselves and their communities. But for too many, there are barriers getting in their way.

The Royal Foundation is passionate about improving opportunities for young people, and alongside our partners, we are working directly with young people to give them the chance to improve their lives and the world around them.

Whether navigating life online, discovering a career path through sport, or establishing inspiring and engaging projects that steer people away from gangs and violence, The Royal Foundation is supporting young people across the UK.

The power of sport

Sport has the power to change lives and to help countless young people across the UK find better pathways for themselves.

We created Coach Core to harness sport’s ability to change lives and empower young people. Through Coach Core, we offer 16-24 year olds in the UK sports coaching apprenticeships.