Our Mission

The Royal Foundation mobilises leaders, businesses and people so that together we can address society’s greatest challenges. Led by The Prince and Princess of Wales, our work is built on world-class research, long-term partnerships, and measurable, scalable impact. 

Timeline and Milestones
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Our guiding principles

  • 01. Impact

    We focus on issues that matter to our Principals and to society where The Royal Foundation can have significant impact

  • 02. Together

    We put our Principals’ distinctive convening ability at the heart of the Royal Foundation’s activities by bringing people, their ideas and resources together

  • 03. Focus

    We convene purposefully to understand issues and explore solutions with a focus on creating long-term impact

  • 04. Ambition

    We incubate initiatives, and work with delivery partners to implement and scale solutions with the ambition that they become sustainable

  • 05. Objectives

    We actively measure our impact against clear goals and objectives