The natural world is our most important asset

An increasing number of the world’s species are in decline. If we don’t act now our planet faces many great threats. We must work together to overcome the illegal wildlife trade, unsustainable development and use of resources, changing climatic conditions and conflict with human populations.

The Royal Foundation addresses these pressing conservation crises by bringing together the skills of global leaders in transport, finance, technology and tourism alongside influential conservationists in order to utilise their expertise and better support those living and working in areas with vulnerable wildlife.

Royal Foundation

Illegal wildlife trade

The illegal poaching and trafficking of wildlife, plants and animals is a global crisis, with many species being pushed towards extinction. The impact of this trade goes beyond the threat posed to wildlife. Local communities, global and national security, and legitimate trade chains are all affected.

United for Wildlife works to tackle illegal wildlife trade by bringing together conservation organisations, governments, and global corporations. We also provide access to training and equipment for rangers on the ground who protect the world’s natural heritage.

“The work of conservation and environmental protection is not about quick wins. And it is work that will never be complete. The atmosphere will never be protected forever. Our water will never be permanently safe from pollution. And our iconic and endangered species can never be declared completely safe. We must celebrate our successes and take confidence from our ability to tackle these complex challenges.”

The Duke of Cambridge