The Team

Our Trustees

The Trustees of The Royal Foundation each undertake a balance of responsibilities divided between strategic direction, governance, oversight and fundraising. The Trustees meet at least quarterly on a formal basis and they are accountable in law for the work of the Foundation.

The Rt Hon Lord Hague of Richmond, William Hague


Alice Webb

Charles Mindenhall

Claire Wills

Hannah Cockburn-Logie


Jean-Christophe Gray


Lady Pinsent

Ron Kalifa


Simon Patterson

Vice Chairman

Zeinab Badawi

Our leadership team

Jason Knauf


Amy Pickerill

Director of The Earthshot Prize

Damian Wilson

Director of Partnerships

Elaine Dodds

Director of Development

Kully Kaur-Ballagan

Director of Research

Pim Gregory

Director of Impact

Roxane Philson

Director of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood