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Trafficking wildlife products

The private sector can become involved unwittingly with those who traffic wildlife products – these include ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scales. Illegal wildlife trade is among the five most lucrative global crimes and is often run by highly organised criminal networks. Although such networks are difficult to detect and even more difficult to deter, combining forces with the private sector is crucial for us to be able to stop the trafficking of wildlife products.

By forming partnerships with businesses, we are bringing new voices to the conservation discussion to identify and implement solutions.

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United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce

In 2014, The Duke of Cambridge announced the formation of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, with the objective of engaging the transport sector in identifying and developing relevant and targeted solutions to wildlife trafficking. The Taskforce brings together stakeholders including airports, shipping companies and airlines with law enforcement and other agencies to identify and facilitate action led by the private sector.

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Buckingham Palace Declaration

The Transport Taskforce developed the Buckingham Palace Declaration. The Declaration outlines 11 commitments that assist the transport industry in guiding a response to the challenge presented by illegal wildlife trade – detailing actions across a number of areas including increasing awareness, reporting and enforcement. Now signed by over 100 transport sector companies from across the globe, the Taskforce is taking steps every day to help stop the trafficking of wildlife products.

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United for Wildlife Financial Taskforce

Worldwide, for every illegal wildlife product sold, money changes hands – whether in domestic pet stores, on online marketplaces or under the eyes of corrupt officials. Financial institutions have a crucial role to play in the fight against illegal wildlife trade by using existing systems in place to look for money laundering and payments for illegal goods. This is why the Financial Taskforce was formed.

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Mansion House Declaration

The Financial Taskforce met in October 2018, convened by The Duke of Cambridge and Lord Hague of Richmond, with 30 institutions signing the Mansion House Declaration. The Declaration lays out six commitments, including the dedication to share resources and intelligence in a bid to disrupt the illegal income generated by wildlife trafficking. Supported by technical experts including RUSI and TRAFFIC, along with a Secretariat at The Royal Foundation, the Taskforce has been working to support actions that the financial sector can take to combat illegal wildlife trade.

“By implementing these commitments, the signatories can secure a game changer in the race against extinction. I thank them for their commitment and I invite any other company in the industry to sign up to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and play their part in the fight against the poaching crisis.”

The Duke of Cambridge

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